Investing Can Be Different

For Women

From longer life spans to earning less and shouldering the majority of caregiving, women face unique challenges when it comes to retirement. We’re here to help build a financial strategy as unique as you are.



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Our Process

Your Retirement Roadmap Review

“Do I have enough, or do I have a problem?”

That question — or some version of it — is what concerns just about everyone who walks through our doors.

We developed the Retirement Roadmap Review process to help guide you along a path to and through retirement. In just a few easy steps, we learn your retirement goals and concerns, examine your situation and implement a holistic strategy that addresses all of your needs — from income and investments to taxes, health care and legacy. The Retirement Roadmap Review doesn’t just give you the answer to the aforementioned question; it also gives you the tools and confidence to pursue the life you envision.

We Focus On

Taking Care of the Caregivers

Studies have shown that 62% of women provide more than 20 hours of weekly care (compared with just 38% of men), and women aged 50+ who leave the workforce to perform caregiving duties lose, on average, nearly $324,004 in wages and benefits over their lifetime1.

That’s a significant loss of savings — and it doesn’t end there.

On average, women earn $0.82 or less for every dollar men earn2, and because they usually live longer, they can expect to pay more for health care during retirement. Women are also more likely to be single later in life, whether by choice, through divorce or widowhood.

It’s a lot to overcome, but you don’t have to do it alone.

At Global Wealth Women, we understand your struggles, and we’re here to help.


1 Amy Barger and Christina Best. March 25, 2021. “The State of Women and Caregiving.” Accessed Jan. 30, 2023.

2 GAO. Dec. 15, 2022. “Women in the Workforce: The Gender Pay Gap Is Greater for Certain Racial and Ethnic Groups and Varies by Education Level.” Accessed Jan. 30, 2023.

The Global Wealth Women Retirement Kit

Every Woman Needs Her Own Financial Plan

You’ve likely heard the saying, “Knowledge is power.” When you start educating yourself about your finances and options, you gain the power and confidence to make better decisions for yourself and your family. The Global Wealth Women Retirement Kit includes three educational guides where you’ll learn:

•Why spouses should work together for an optimal retirement
•The unique challenges women face
•How a divorce can affect your retirement income
•Why and when to consider bringing in a financial professional
•And much more!

Download your free Retirement Kit instantly and start building the confidence to take control of your financial future!


What Clients Are Saying

Karol J.

Every experience has been excellent; I am continually impressed with the attention given to me and my finances.

Michelle O.

The entire crew at Global Wealth knows their business. When I moved a year ago I interviewed several firms and Global Wealth came out on top because of their professional approach and their breadth of product. Now I have moved again, this time out of the country, and am confident my interests are well taken care of in my absence. I have recommended them and will continue to do so.

Elise H.

Choosing a company to guide you financially is a scary thing. Navigating what to do, and how can put one into investigative paralysis. Global Wealth from the first meeting, explained everything slowly in language we could understand. Did not overwhelm us with graphs and sales pitches. They genuinely are concerned about us. We have now been with them over 3 years and anytime we have a question, they call back immediately, and always add that personal touch to each interaction so that you don’t feel like a number. If you are looking for a company to act in your best interests, keep you up to date on your portfolio, and treat you as a valued customer, then you need Global Wealth Management.

Stephanie P.

Finding a firm to manage your life savings and accounts is an extremely stressful decision. I am very calm now. I have had some difficulty with another investment group in the past. All my questions are answered promptly and I actually understand the process like a pro, almost. I still have lots to learn.

Doris N.

Very personable and helped my wife and I strike the right balance for our individual risk tolerance. The entire staff are responsive to our needs and concerns. We have enjoyed some of the pre-COVID gatherings/lectures and expect to do so again in the future. Since inception, we have realized over 15% gains … not bad!! Highly recommended!

These testimonials were given by current clients of our firm. These testimonials are for illustrative purposes only and may not be representative of the experience of every client. Your results may vary.

About Global Wealth Women

Why Women’s Wealth is Different

Women’s financial situations are not only different than men’s, they can also vary dramatically from woman to woman. Your career path, marital status, health and familial responsibilities are all factors that are unique to you and must be taken into consideration during the formulation of your financial plan.

Global Wealth Women was created to empower women to take control of their own financial futures. We want to give women an avenue to feeling confident about their ability to thrive well into their retirement years, no matter how life evolves along the way.

Let’s Get Together and Talk About Your Unique Path to Retirement

Amber Kelly

Director of Global Wealth Women