Amber Kelly • Apr 30, 2020

(Em)Power Up: 5 Steps to Getting Involved in Your Family Finances

It’s not uncommon for married couples to divide responsibilities. Often, I meet with couples where the husband takes control of the money matters, from paying the monthly bills to making investment decisions.

While that works for many couples, I always ask the wife if she would be able to take over if something should happen to her husband. Too often, the answer is no.

At Global Wealth Management, we believe everyone should be empowered to make smart financial decisions. After all, research shows that, on average, women can expect to live longer than men.

If you’ve take a hands-off approach to your family’s finances, now is the time to jump in. Here are five ways to help you get started.

  • Don’t be a spectator, be a participant. Whether it’s knowing where all your accounts are and how to access them or actually getting involved in the monthly bills, start taking an interest in your family’s money matters.
  • Talk with your husband. Does your family have a retirement strategy? What happens if one or both of you should die unexpectedly? Knowing you have a plan in place can help you feel confident about the future.
  • Participate in programs at work. If you’re working, take advantage of opportunities to meet with your 401(k) provider and ask questions.
  • Beef up your subscriptions. Start skimming some financial publications to become more knowledgeable about the financial industry. My favorites are the Retirement Security Smart Brief and the National Institute on Retirement Security. You can also look through our website for some helpful resources.
  • Speak to a financial professional. While balancing a checkbook may come easy to you, figuring out an investment strategy, deciding when to start taking Social Security benefits and other retirement income strategies can be more complex and may require a little more digging and education.

Give us a call to schedule a mini Finances 101 lesson, and we’ll walk you through some key issues that can help you make sound financial decisions.

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